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Floating Record Player Stand

Floating Record Player Stand

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Record Player Turntable Stand, Vinyl Record Storage Holder Shelf which we have carefully prepared as HiFi Cabinet, is finally out and on BIG SALE FOR EARLY REVIEWS🥳🥳.

Record player stand, which is completely handcrafted by our artisanry and prepared with perfect care and meticulousness, is made of 100% birch plywood🪵🪓. It will not scratch the floor no matter the wood, carpet, or tiles floor. In addition, problems such as dislocation or breakage of the stand have never been encountered before☺️. The record storage, which looks very solid and has a very modern look. You can fill this turntable stand with your favorite records😇.

Product Material: Birch PlyWood

Product size;
Height: 66 cm. (26 in.)
Width: 54 cm. (21 in.)
Depth: 40 cm. (15.7 in.)

🌎Made out of the best quality of a birch plywood with our unique design. Very strong and does not change over time. It is harmless to children, an eco-friendly material.

✋The surface is smoothed by three times of surface sanding.

Made of %100 birch wood.

🌼The soft surface is achieved through three step surface polish treatment that require no harmful chemicals.

 Our birch wood is one of the finest, eco-friendly material that is highly durable and resistant to any changes over a long period of time.
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